Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chinese Beasts!

I can hardly believe it happened but the world now has "Taiwan's Traditional Chinese Edition" of BEASTS! Book One. Remarkably, this is the first Fantagraphics book ever translated into Chinese and I couldn't be happier that the publisher included Beasts! in the small roster of books that makes up their debut "Graphic Novelty" line. (Iconic works "Jimmy Corrigan" and "Blankets" are among them.) It's a privilege to have the book translated for a wider audience and they really did a wonderful job on the repackaging. It feels more like an exhibition catalog than a coffee table book but that works for this material.

The publisher's site is here. Some pleasantly odd production photos are here. Most importantly, a pretty awesome video trailer is found here.

I'm afraid that I have no idea how to get ahold of copies stateside.


Update for November '09

Life has not been conducive to maintaining this blog but now that I remember my log-in info perhaps I can get some things up here again from time to time. Thanks to anyone still stopping by, and to the "followers" of this site.

At this point the first volume of BEASTS! is in its fourth printing and the second volume is in its second printing. You'll know if you have a first edition by the silver page ends. We had to rush the second printing out and forego the silkscreened page ends. It remains to be seen if the economy can hold up a paperback edition of Book Two.

Meanwhile, there is now a Chinese edition of BEASTS! Book One which will be posted about... later.

Lastly, anyone who has longed for one of the remaining copies of the "10 BEASTS!" letterpress print set from Tiny Showcase, they have a holiday sale going right now. The set is available at half price. A steal!

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