Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kukuwaq Print from Tyler Stout

Tyler made a big, beautiful Kukuwaq for your walls. The 7 color print went up for sale yesterday on his site.


Announcing: BEASTS! Volume Two.

Beasts! has been a success and I've decided to risk being pigeonholed as That Beast Guy. Volume 2 is underway, promising to be just as strong as Vol.1. The book will be branching out a little to include three-dimensional diorama pieces by a few amazing folks and some other bonuses. The book will also feature more international artists, including several I have to communicate via interpreters.

There will be many names that readers won't recognize, bringing a whole new audience to some artists who deserve more exposure. And some they do recognize: Legendary Love & Rockets artist Jaime Hernandez was the first to turn out his piece (as yet uncolored). The "Peg Powler" can be seen above.

A note to artists: I am still filling a number of slots but I've learned one thing, which people like Sammy "Kramer's Ergot" Harkham and Jordan "Non" Crane can attest to: There is no better way to create disgruntled feelings aimed at yourself than to do an anthology. There are many, many artists I enjoy who I just can't get into the books. The goal with Beasts! is to have a diverse representation of styles and for me to avoid nepotism regardless of external pressures (and my own wishes in many cases). Anyway, forgive me if I haven't included your work. Ultimately this is just my bias anyway.

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Kikuo Johnson for Nick Magazine.

Kikuo landed a Nickelodeon Magazine job illustrating myth beasts for a spread. A departure of his style, the beasts had to be flat colors to be reprinted smallish for the article. (Bonus: Pictured are Nuckalavee, which was also illustrated for Beasts! by Nathan Huang, and the Kalikantzaro which Josh Cochran did for the Tiny Showcase letterpress Beasts set.)