Sunday, May 27, 2007

The 91st Beast.

The magazine "First City" in Delhi interviewed me and requested a piece of artwork to run with the piece. Since Beasts! was a topic of discussion I decided to make a new beast illustration with ties to India.

Originating in austere environments of India, the Yakku are the demons which bring disease to human beings. The form they take and the type of plague they bring vary from one to the next but all answer to the great sickness demon Maha-Kola-Sanni-Yaksaya.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beasts Portland Signing

Way late on posting the Portland signing at Bwana Spoons' awesome Grass Hut shop.

The Shop.

Adam Grano.

Jacob Covey and Eric Reynolds.

Jesse Reno.

Corey Lunn.

Martin Ontiveros and Bwana Spoons.

Jason Miles, Colleen Coover, and Bwana.

GRNY signing.

I'm way behind on postings but here are some pics from the Beasts! signing in New York. Wish I had some better ones but so it goes... Thanks for hosting, Giant Robot!

Beasts for all-ages.

From S.britt: "I thought I'd share with you this snappy lil' picture of my future father-in-law, Susumu. He was totally engrossed in the book, spending about an hour going through it and reading each and every page."