Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Renee French Sasquatch Cover

One of the Beasts! made the cover of The Stranger 's new Sasquatch Music Festival Guide: The lovely and sympathetic bigfoot portrait from Renee French. (Who is a swell gal to boot-- have you seen her great blog?)



Blogger james_william_walsh said...

congrats to renee! i apologise,,maybe it says this throughout the blog,, but what is the release date for beasts2 ?

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Covey said...

Hey James- The book was pushed back for an October/November release. Beasts for the holidays!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous cephaloprint said...

hey james, I just discovered this blog ! great stuff ! maybe our website and illustrations could be interesting for you?



have a good day !

raphael and mayumi

11:29 AM  

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