Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beasts 2nd edition now available.

I'm pleased to announce that Beasts is now available in its 2nd edition, new and improved. The printing on this one is much crisper which really helps the art. The new cover is blue with the cover icon much larger this time. It also contains four new pieces of art. Kevin Scalzo, Chris Ryniak, and Andrew Brandou all did new versions of their original beast while Mizna Wada did an entirely different Japanese beast.

The first run sold out in just a month or two and preorders are strong on the new edition so get your copy soon. Above is the new endpaper illustration that Ray Fenwick kindly created with just 2 or 3 days notice.

Order it directly from the publisher, Fantagraphics, or find it at your local bookstore, etc.


Blogger Greg Mills said...

Hey, I have it on backorder at Amazon. Do you have any idea when it'll ship?

Not that you would know, but what the hell, you know? You only live once. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks.

PS -- Am psyched for the book. Am a nerd. Yay!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Jacob Covey said...

Hey Greg- I'm really not sure unfortunately. We already have it for sale at our store and through the fanta website ( But it takes a little longer for it to ship through our distributor to Amazon and the bookstores.

Thanks- Hope you enjoy the book.

3:57 PM  

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