Wednesday, February 21, 2007

10 Beasts! pics from If'n Books + Marks.

If'n Books has posted pics of their process putting together the hand-crafted portfolio cases for the 10 Beasts! print set, which helps you to understand the beauty of handmade objects.

The set is now online at Tiny Showcase. And here is a fuzzy photo of the cover, glowing in the dark...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob.......I love looking at your work and wanted to access your profile, but alas, the section wouldn't open. Thought you might like to know that......

Your work and the artists featured are fabulous, (in the modern and old fashioned sense). I have a sense you have worked this out as a I correct? It looks like you have multiple booksigners, which is a wonderful concept, and gives honor to all those who have worked on this project.

I also wondered where you learned letterpress. I was studying at Seattle Central ....Graphic the nineties, and learned enough to know and respect the effort and skill it takes to put out a book like this. Applause, Mr. Covey!

Again, you have done a project that will standout and remain in an era of throwaway design.

Thanks for doing the work.

Yours, Jennifer Carrasco...Muralist and painter

10:15 AM  

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