Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beasts! Show at Belle & Wissell Gallery.

There aren't words for how industrious the Belle & Wissell curators are. Gabe Kean is a master of Experience Design and strives for a collaborative experience with the audience. Jacob McMurray holds down curating duties at the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Mueum for his 'day job.' The two of them have a compulsion for taking on huge projects: All of the planning and execution of this exhibit is theirs.

A shot of the gallery showing original artwork from the book.

Note that world map on the wall. Jacob McMurray hand painted that, then placed indicators for the location (and dates of witness) of all 90 creatures that appear in the book.

Visitors then referenced the map's key and could view the creatures in the book.

And that is the book.

To put a face to this project, that is me signing said book.

An old-school talent in sign-making, Sven Sundbaum wrote out all 90 contributors names and drew the Beasts! icon on the back wall.

Lastly, the mesmerizing interactive piece Gabe coded/constructed just for the show. All of the book's artwork is available to flip through complete with text. The pedastal's knob rotates through them as well as zooms in on work for a more detailed look.

Unfortunately, this show won't tour due to the involved nature of setting it up.... unless, of course, Gabe and Jacob are suitably bribed to do it.


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