Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tony Millionaire: Leviathan

Hands down, Mr. Millionaire is one of the most talented artists around. Beyond his incredible illustration style he is a rare breed having mastered the hilariously dark four panel gag strip (Maakies) as completely as the touching children's tale (Sock Monkey, Billy Hazelnuts). Now his characters are stepping up to the animated cartoon series, The Drinky Crow Show on Cartoon Network.

Tony draws the classic mythological creature, the Leviathan, into his Maakies strips frequently and now it is in character development for the TV show. I pestered him for months to contribute to Beasts! and each time I did he asked me what the hell I was talking about. Eventually he offered to run his sketches of the creature. SO, here is your factoid: These sketches (embellished with Tony's esoteric notes) are the actual reference material being used by animators to create the look of the Leviathan for the Drinky Crow Show.

UPDATE: A still from the show which features the Leviathan!

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